Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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Reasons to use Sulfate free shampoo
Sulfate free shampooSulfate free shampoo helps you to avoid problems such as damaging you hair follicles. Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate, which are present in ordinary shampoo, damages your hair follicles and thus hampers fresh re-growth. The best way is to use natural hair shampoos which are sulphate free shampoo and do not include a combination of toxic chemicals. SLS free hampoos (sulphate free shampoo) that are available in the market are far better than other shampoos and also save you free the various toxic substances.

What is Sulfate free shampoo?
Sulfate free shampoo is that shampoo which do not have the chemical Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). Any shampoo which contains Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate, or SLS, is harmful to our body when the shampoo gets into our eyes. It specially effects the development of eyes in the children. Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate, or SLS, has also been confirmed to delay the healing of wounds in the surface of the cornea and can also cause cataracts in adults.

How  Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate effects our hairs?
Chemical Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate containing shampoos can also responsible for irritation in scalp. Changing you shampoo with a sulphate free shampoo is advisable if you have a itchy or flaky scalp. It is worth knowing that Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate is used in labs for stimulating skin irritations! Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate can also enhance the penetration, of other toxic chemical such as parabens or synthetic fragrances, into our body.  Chemical Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate has a very low molecular weight; therefore, it can easily penetrate into our cornea and thus get absorbed into out body systems. SLS penetration into our body is not only by absorption through the pores and skin but also by way of respiring and swallowing. Accumulation of SLS has been identified in heart, brain & liver which can ultimately leads to severe health problems.

Why  Sulfate Lauryl Sulphate Shampoo is in the Market?
SLS is easy, inexpensive and fast to synthesize. Therefore, it is in high demand by the various beauty product manufactures for shampoos and conditioners. But the SLS products not only cause problem to our body but it is also hazardous to our ecosystem. The chemicals that we flush down our washroom eventually find their way into various water courses, which ultimately affects us through the food chain. The effect cannot be seen in overnight but it takes time effects the various levels of food chain and flora and fauna. However, for the production of Sulfate free shampoo, palm oil is used as a base chemical. We have to realise how much palm oil is in demand for the production of various food and beauty products.

Sulfate free shampoo is what you need if you are concerned about your hairs :)

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