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► Blind Date Ideas: Tips On Choosing a Restaurant

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Blind dates are can be very exciting and memorable. Proper care must be taken with mutual understanding with your date in finding a restaurant where you as well as your date is comfortable. One of the best places to spend time in a blind date is in a restaurant and a few of the tips on choosing a restaurant given here will provide you with significant aid in choosing one. There are many reasons to choose an economy class restaurant. It’s best to keep away from selecting an expensive restaurant unless you're paying the bills. It may be very embarrassing if you are unable to pay your expenses. It can be even worse if you are thrown out or a nightmare when you get detained by the manager!

  • Choose for a restaurant that isn't noisy and has a decent sitting crowd with proper setting arrangements.
  • Choosing a less noisy restaurant will help you converse with your date peacefully and have a quality and peaceful time.
  • If in case your date do not dink, try selecting a restaurant when the dinning and drinking areas are separated. This will help your date to be comfortable.
  • If hard drinks are bought within the premises where smoking is allowed, if your date don’t like cigarette smokes then try to opt for the no smoking zone.
  • For safety issues, try meeting up in an open area.
  • Avoid isolated or too quiet areas, this will help you and your date as both of you don’t know each other well. Stay within the public place where every person can see you and your date. So that you can ask for help to the passersby if in case you need help.
  • Restaurants with wide variety of cuisines to chose are most preferable for a blind date.
  • Check out the local yellow pages to find out a list of nice restaurants. But always consult with your date before making the final decision. 

While choosing a restaurant, weather also plays an important role. During the rainy or cold season, open area restaurants should be avoided. And during warm season, such open area restaurants are recommended. Talk with your date about her/his likes and dislikes while choosing a restaurant. This will help you choose a restaurant that both of you are comfortable with.

"Choosing a restaurant of your choice without seeking your date’s preferences will give an impression that you are self centered..!"

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