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► How to: Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Puffy Eyes
pervent puffy eyesEyes are one of the most important organs in our body. Special care is needed to maintain healthy eyes. Puffy eyes are the result of many factors. 22% of the puffy eyes are caused by stress. Crying also result to temporary puffy eyes. Certain precautions should be followed to avoid puffy eyes.

Causes of Puffy Eyes
There are many factors that cause puffy eyes. As stated above, overstress, crying and lack of sleep are the most common causes. The various other causes are:
  •  Excess salt intake (mostly from food)
  •  Physical or mental stress
  •  Excess of toxins or waste product accumulation in the body
  •  After surgical or operational recovery
  •  Excess intake of beverages
  •  Irritation caused by contact lenses
  •  Vitamin deficiency, etc

Symptoms of Puffy Eyes
  •  Swelling of the eyes around the eyelids
  •  Enlargement of the eyes
  •  Difficulty while opening and closing the eyes because to the swelling

Get rid of Puffy Eyes
Prevention is better than cure. Puffy eyes can’t be cured immediately. It takes time to cure. So, it’s always better to follow some prevention measures to avoid puffy eyes. Some of the simple yet effective practices to get rid of puffy eyes are summarized below.

    sleep prevents puffy eyes
  • Sleep to get rid of puffy eyes: Eyes need rest. The best way to give rest to eyes is sleep. Over working and stresses causes eye bags. Eyes bags are caused due to the settling of fats and fluid around the eyes. Our eyes are very sensitive to these eye bags since the skin in the eyes is very thin and sensitive. The best way to prevent or cure puffy eyes is a deep sound sleep.

  • Pamper your eyes: Tea bags & cucumber are very effective and fast in curing puffy eyes. Always keep the tea bags & cucumber in the refrigerator for a nigh before use. Apply them for 15 minutes in your puffy eyes. Tea bags are good at reducing the swelling of the puffy eyes and cucumber gives soothing effect.

  • Balanced diet: Vitamins play a very important role in maintaining the health of our body. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 & K cause puffy eyes. Excess of salt also leads to puffy eyes. So, in order to maintain the right amount of salts & vitamins one should consume fresh fruits & green leafy vegetables.

    quit smoking prevent puffy eyes
  • Smoking causes puffy eyes: Smoking not only causes lungs cancer but also causes dark circles and puffy eyes. Smoking should be quitted. One needs to have strong determination to quit smoking. Besides there are special treatments to help quit smoking. It is advisable to visit a doctor.

  • Stop rubbing your eyes: Rubbing of eyes causes puffy eyes. This is because rubbing may break the small capillaries which cause puffy eyes.

  • Massage your eyes: Massage your eyes before going to bed. This is done by wetting a small piece of cloth. Then squeeze the excess water from the cloth. Put the wet cloth in your eyes. This simple practice gives enough relaxation to your eyes.

    puffy eye caused by eye starin
  • Don't over work: Specially while working on PC or watching TV, always take break in between to give some rest to your eyes. Such stress not only causes puffy eyes but also give permanent damage to your eyes.

  • Visiting a doctor is always a good idea!

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