Wednesday, May 4, 2011

► Impress a Girl through your Kitchen!

kitchen that impress a girl
Wondering what are the ways into a girl's heart? It has been recently proved that one way to win a girls heart is through kitchen! So, get your kitchen renovated to pave your way to your girl’s heart!

According to a recent survey, it have been proved and concluded that girls get impressed by the way a guy maintains his kitchen. 83 percent of women fall for guys with luxury kitchen in their bachelorhood; while 17 percent go for guys with luxury cars in his garage.

clean impressive kitchenSo, if you want to make first date to be the second date too, then investing your time and money on your kitchen will certainly help. Investing money and time on your kitchen for luxury appliances and handcraft will not only add beauty to your kitchen but also quality.

Just having a luxury kitchen is only half! In order to make your girl 'swoon' over you, you need to learn to cook too! 46 percent of women go for guys who can cook; while the remaining 44 percent goes for guys who are fit.

So, investing your money and time on your kitchen and cooking skills will definitely help you to 'attract' your girls closer.

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