Friday, April 29, 2011

► 4 Wrong Reasons to Start a Relationship

wrong sad relationshipHave you been moving from one unhappy relationship to another? It’s probably because you might be getting into relationships for the wrong reason(s). Most girls have been in many relationships but never found the ‘perfect man’. Being in a relationship gives you a wonderful feeling; but sadly, most relationships don’t last long. It ends faster than it started! Most people, esp. youngsters, get into relationship for the wrong reasons. Such relationships results to break-ups and leave the couple broken hearted. Most importantly, it also affects the future relationships. It gets even worse when men & women get married for the wrong reason(s) and live a sad life, leading to serious misunderstanding and divorces.

4 Wrong Reasons to Start a Relationship

  • Relationship To Avoid Loneliness: This is the most common reason for getting into a wrong relationship. Many people feel that they are worthless when they are single. Some people get the feeling that being in a relationship will make them fell happy. While some people get into relationship just to for the sake of being in a relationship!

  • Almost 90% of the people who break ups are found to jump to another relationship immediately just to forget the loneliness and the pain caused by the breakup. Such relationships should always be avoided. Relationships should always be based on love.

  • Motivated Relationship: A lot of youngsters get into relationship because of friends. They have been lured into relationship so that they can experience the love; while others are motivated by their friends so that they can be together as couples. Youngsters often get the feeling that they do need to be in a relationship just because other are doing it. Such relationships never live long.

  • Forced Relationship: It is very common at present that once a person reaches a certain age, elders and family members constantly exerts pressure, in some way or the other, to get married. Parents even get worried when their child can’t get any partner by themselves. Such relationships which are built by force or for the sake of others don’t survive strong. It’ll result to a sad married life which may let to serious problem and even divorces.

  • Relationship for Physical Intimacy: Many people get into relationship for the sake of physical intimacy. Relationships built mainly for the sake of physical intimacy should be avoided.

  • Relationship because of Sympathy: Sometimes a person gets into relationship just for the sake of sympathy. There are many cases where the guys would try to end his life after he gets rejected. As a result, the girl ends up being in relation with the guy just to avoid hurting him. Such relationships are not good for both the partners. It makes one feel lone and trapped.

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